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Install Demo: Missile Command


NOTE: This is only an example of one way to apply an overlay. Every overlay panel has different curves and holes, this should only be used as a guide. It is the installers responsibility to install the overlay correctly.


Here you will see what the original panel looked like. This is pretty typical of a missile command control panel, and the same for asteroids.


Step 1. Remove the panel from the game.

Step 2. Remove ALL ITS PARTS, Including the trackball. For other panels you will be removing the joysticks and buttons.

Step 3. Remove any old overlays and glue. Using Goo-Gone and putty knife, you can remove old overlays. Its a long, dirty process, but it can be done. Make sure you remove any and all glue.


Step 4. Then Lightly sand it, removing any rusty highs and leveling lows with the panel. You donít need to sand to bare metal, unless it is really bad. Sand the BOLT HEADS as well if there are any so that you will have nice looking bolts. I've have very good luck with putting the bolts in a drill chuck and spinning them at low speed while using a fine sandpaper or steel wool to shine them up.

Step 5: For panels that have screen artwork directly on metal panels, spray the metal a semi-gloss black, I like Krylon, no runs, dries fast.. Donít forget, If youíve got a lot of bare metal showing, you will need to prime it. Donít Forget to paint the BOLT HEADS that you removed. Painting metal panels that are 100% covered is not necessary, but I do recommend at least priming it as this will prevent future rust.

Below the finished product, before applying the overlay.

Step 6. Align the overlay where you want it and hold it in place with some tape.

Step 7: Then starting the left, I peeled back some of the backing and pressed it down. Keep peeling the backing off removing the temporary tape till youíve got it all down.


Step 9: Flip the panel over on a surface that you can cut on, I Like to use old drywall. Itís a nice cutting surface, but you could use wood..

Step 10: Using an Xacto knife with a NEW #11 blade, follow the edge of the hole. Donít force it, let the knife do the cutting, just keep going around until Your through, then lift out the insertÖ.


And the Final ProductÖ Reinstall the buttons,ball and Defend your cities.