Wheels, wheels, lots-o-wheels... This picture is still short some wheels. I've made all the smaller ones, I still need to run 12 of the bigger ones on the left and then the large ones. As you can see, some of the wheels have not had the 'faces' cut smooth yet. I am turning all the fronts and then I'll go back and face them. You can see some that were polished as well on the left.

At this time I have not bored the holes for the axles, as I'm still deciding on how to power the treadsection.



Here is a piece of 3-1/8 alum mounted and turned down to 3. Then I make marking slots for cut offs and the edge of the belt. Then I machine out the belt, and make the cuts to break this bar into three wheels.


This actually takes ALOT of time, I've got it down to about 2 hours to turn 3 wheels, rough sand, rough polish and cut them apart.

Est. Cost

$250 in Aluminum

Total $250