Torso Shot


I won't go into all that great childhood memory stuff about the Lost In Space series, other than to say, I don't think I missed an episode. So I set out to create an automated B9 replica robot, and to incorporate as much current technology as I could afford to that automation process. I view the robot as a giant Train set (sorry robot), its a long term project, one, that will most likely never be done, as hopefully it will be refined over the years.

While many builders seem to start at the top or bottom of the robot, I decided that I would approach this project in modules. In looking at the robot you can mentally break it down into smaller 'kits', say the collar for example. So as free time permits, I choose a 'module' to work on. Once all the modules are done, they will be final assembled into the robot. This will allow me to skip around. One thing to remember with this approach is to monitor your dimensions so things fit.

Also, I enjoy building, I used to fly model helicopters, and built a few scale models. The Air Wolf helicopter from the TV Series is probably the most noticeable. It was on display at one time during the Chicago Model Expo show. Anyway, my project plan allows me to build as much as possible. While maybe not 100% accurate to the original, I'll have fun, and that is what I'm after anyway. Certain parts I will not be building, and as you can see, the torso and head lifter rubber are not components that I wanted to deal with.

In these pages I hope to document the time spent, project notes, and approx $ involved in making that 'module'. It should be interesting in the end, and hopefully it will provide some help/suggestions for future builders.