Chest Lens

Large Torso Lights

I started with this metal project first, I need a little practice before taking on bigger metal lathe projects.


During a salvage run at the local surplus store, I acquired some license plate light assemblies. But these had a half chrome shields and chrome ring around them. Not really usable in that state, but the chromed metal was easily removed with a pair of cutters. These lenses are 1.5 inches in diameter so they fit the correct scale diameter, although they may be more round/bug eyed  than the original one. After separation from the chrome shield, I used a small lathe to turn two aluminum rings. These rings will then be buffed to a chrome look and then clear coated to protect the shine. They were turned so that they can be rejoined with the bulb holder and then mounted in the chest. I don't know what the original side profile looked like, I've seen different pictures which make them look thicker and have a knurl on them. For now, I'll use these.


1 hr

Est. Cost

$3 for two lenses.

Aluminum was salvage scrap. Value $1

Total $4