Light Rod Ends

Light Rod Ends

My next lathe project was the light rod ends. I tried using the 30-06 spent shells, and I just didn't like the look of them. I really can't say why. So I went back to the blueprints and turned these out.  


The local Home Depot Hardware store sells aluminum rod in 3 ft lengths. So with one rod you can turn out a bunch of rod ends. They have a small taper step between the smaller rod end and the larger bulb end. I think they look really 'clean' when assembled to the rods themselves. The only difficulty in turning these is you must use a solid rod, so after you finish the outside you must drill out the inside. I used a tail mounted chuck in the lathe, and first drilled from the rod end a 1/4 hole all the way thru. Then I flipped the rod end around in the lathe and used a larger bit and drilled the bulb end. In doing that, I had marked the depth of the large hole so all ends seat the bulb correctly.


2 hrs

Est. Cost

Aluminum rod, local  hardware store, $7

Total $7