Brain Cup 

To the metal lathe we go....  again..


For the overall layout of this I followed the blueprints except in a few places. The lip on the bottom is smaller, I may add a larger ring to this later to help support the bubble. The Top has TWO rows of push Pins drilled into it, this way the cam can move the light rods in any sequence I choose. Although pretty standard, I have an inner slot for the pivot wire to snap into for holding the light rods.


This bugger took me forever it seemed. I do not have a taper attachment on my lathe so I used the compound slide. Which was exactly the length I needed. I turned this from a solid piece and I didn't have a boring bar so I had to make one. This was a HUGE project, luckily I got it right the first time (whew). I worked on it every night for 8 days 2-3 hrs each, just going slow, thinking it out.

At the time, I didn't have a four jaw chuck, so the top shows a few chatters along the outer edge when the piece moved in the three jaw as the cutter grabbed. But its not visable in the robot. I may turn another one later, as I enjoy lathe work..

I'd say I have 20hrs in it.

Est. Cost


Total $30