This turned out to be a pretty simple task.  


The local hobby store carries some nice shiny stainless steel that is actually pretty soft and easy to cut. But it really does help to have access to a  metal shear. A template with test material was made, and then a jig was made with the angle on it. Then the metal was cut into strips and then aligned to the angle template. The 1st pass cut nets two leafs that have to be cut apart, by simply flipping the piece upside down we were able to use the same jig, splitting the two. The Disk was a bit of a bigger project. First we marked the circle, then with the straight shear we cut as close to the line all the way around that we could. I then punched out the center hole. Using this center hole as a pivot point. I mounted the circle to a portable small drill press vise by holding the bolt that went thru the hole. I then went to the large belt sander and while slowly turning the disk on its pivot point, rounded the disk to the marked edge. It really was pretty simple, I hope it all made sense.

As for the rivets, they are recessed rivets. They are used in the auto industry for body panels. I really don't recommend drilling this metal, if you do make sure you clamp it down. If the bit grabs and your holding the metal with your hand, you might not have a hand anymore. I recommend investing in a small hand punch, they are great for all types of metal. Once you buy one, you'll never drill sheet steel again !! 

To mount the 'leafs' I first measured and punched two holes in each of the 12 leafs. I then layed the disk and one leaf on the blueprints, aligned them, and using a marker, marked the holes. Then I made a small center ding for the punch to center on with a nail. You then use the hand punch, and make your hole. Then you take the disk to the drill press with a 1/2 bit in it, and make the recess for the rivet on the bottom of the disk. Back to the workbench for the final rivet. At this point, I left all the leafs flat as I used them to align the next leaf. Just go around the disk till done. Almost as exciting as bending 108 pieces of plastic !!



8 hrs

Est. Cost

$8 for two sheets, but I could have done it with one. $1 in rivets

The hand punch is about $20 on sale, harbor freight or Northern Tool

Total $9