Nothing fancy here, just followed normal construction recommendations, worked out fine. I have not glued them in yet, but I have all the disks cut. I do plan on varying from the blueprints a bit in its assembly. Instead of using 4 'lifter structures' to support the upper part of the collar. I had left over from a scale sub project some 10" black plastic sewer pipe. I plan on cutting that to height and using that, it will also eliminate the need for the black cloth.


Yikes, a lot, I only did two at a time, 8 hrs to cut to 11" sections then bend. Add another hour to make the bending jig.

Est. Cost

I bought 250 ft (more than is actually needed) of 1/4 square acrylic at .13 a foot $33, and then a sheet of 1/4 for the top and bottom disks, $30. The 10" pipe I had. $5 for the lazy susan.

Total $70 and other than glue, I don't expect this to change by collar completion.